2015 Amerisleep Mattress Reviews

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2015 Amerisleep Mattress Reviews
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Those considering plant-based and eco-friendly memory foam mattresses should pay attention to our 2015 Amerisleep mattress reviews. Here we’ll go through their entire line and highlight various points you should know before buying.

Amerisleep appeared on the sleep scene in 2007 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have a focus on plant-based memory foam and mattress materials. A growing number of shoppers are seeking eco-conscious mattresses and Amerisleep is trying to cater to them.

The foams used in Amerisleep mattresses are comprised from significant percentage of plant-based sources. Traditional synthetic foams are known to produce odors and offgas much more than their plant-based counterparts. Sometimes these odors are caused by harmful chemicals that have been linked to health problems.

Amerisleep hopes to be source for mattresses that don’t have the health and environmental hazards most others do, also focusing on providing good value and customer satisfaction. Their mattresses receive high customer satisfaction rates and good marks from independent reviewers. Let’s take a closer look at the company and their mattresses. We use consider factors like customer reviews, independent reviews, durability and others in our ratings.

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews by The Best Mattress

The plant-based mattresses of Amerisleep rate higher than average in customer reviews. Memory foam mattresses average around 80% in customer satisfaction. Amerisleep mattresses average around 90% in this department with customers reporting pain relief and little to no odors or heat retention.

Customer reviews can be found on the Amerisleep website using a third-party verified system, which is a good sign of transparency from the company. Amerisleep is a relatively new company, so reviews may not be as extensive as some of the older brands but for the most part, they are favorable. Here we’ll go a into detail a bit more.

Positives from Amerisleep Mattress Reviews

Comparing specifications across brands, Amerisleep’s mattresses are similar to models that cost twice as much. Their foam densities are the same or better than many big brands like Tempurpedic, iComfort and others. Higher foam density is a good sign of quality, durability and longevity.

While these higher-priced brands have similar densities as Amerisleep, they tend to use petroleum-based foams. It is difficult to say exactly because most of these companies do not disclose the materials they use, but most tend to use synthetics. Amerisleep is proud of the methods and plant-based materials, which is nice to see in a mattress company. The plant-based foam is derived from renewable materials, so the eco-conscious shoppers take note.

Amerisleep mattresses receive fewer complaints of off gassing and odors than other memory foam mattresses. This is likely because of the plant-based foams and the processes used to make the mattresses.

These mattresses also have limited reports of heat retention, which, according to their website is due to the open-cell structure their plant-based foams possess. This allows for much more airflow through the mattress which allows heat to be carried away.

Every Amerisleep mattress is covered in celliant fabric, which is woven with thermo-reactive minerals. This fabric has been clinically proven to relieve pain, increase comfort and aid in healing by increasing oxygen levels and blood circulation. This also helps to regulate body temperature.

Customer service at Amerisleep is mentioned positively in most customer reviews.  They have an A+rating with the Better Business Bureau. All of their mattresses come with a 20-year warranty and a 90 day return policy.

Negatives from Amerisleep Mattress Reviews

Amerisleep is a relatively new company and negative reviews are fairly hard to come by, but there are some things you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Since Amerisleep’s mattresses can only be ordered online, you have to wait to receive your new mattress. Sometimes this can take a few weeks. Customers reported having to wait longer than expected for their mattress in some instances. Some accessories may be shipped separately from the mattress, also.

There are some reports of the mattresses being a different firmness than expected. Amerisleep mattresses are sold online with the pretense that you’ll try the mattress in your home in a real setting rather than a showroom. Customers don’t have a chance to feel the mattresses before purchasing, which may cause some of the complaints. They allow 90 days for returns for customers who are dissatisfied and most customer complaints were resolved.

Amerisleep’s 2015 Mattresses

ModelPrice (Queen)Rating (Out of 5)Profile Height / FirmnessComfort Layers / Support Layers
Americana Bed$1,0494.610” / firm3” 4.0lb, 10 ILD memory foam
7” 1.5-lb, 35 ILD foam
Liberty Bed$1,3494.612” / med-plush3” 4.0lb, 10 ILD memory foam
2” 1.5lb, 22 ILD memory foam
7” 1.5-lb, 35 ILD foam
Revere Bed$1,4994.712” / med-firm3” 4.0lb, 10 ILD memory foam
9” 1.5-lb, 35 ILD foam
Colonial Bed$2,0494.613” / plush2” 4.0lb, 11 ILD memory foam
4” 1.65lb, 23 ILD memory foam
7” 1.5-lb, 35 ILD foam
Independence Bed$2,2995.014” / luxury plush2” 4.0lb, 11 ILD memory foam
3” 3.0lb, 11 ILD memory foam
9” 1.5-lb, 35 ILD foam

How Amerisleep Mattresses Stack Up

Amerisleep hasn’t been around long compared to the industry titans, but they already recognize what it takes to make a solid value and happy customers. Their mattresses specifications are indicative of quality mattresses and their prices are relatively low. The Independence and Revere beds rate the highest in customer satisfaction. Both beds are great values, but the Revere is significantly cheaper if you’re on a budget.

There health benefits these mattresses offer are impressive. Amerisleep’s plant-based materials help customers avoid many of the toxic chemicals in other mattresses. Celliant has many studies demonstrating the health benefits of the material. This material is the most clinically tested infrared textile in the industry and has some remarkable effects.

This company and their mattresses haven’t been around long enough to have years of data on the longevity of their products, but initial reviews covering several years of use seem promising. There are very few complaints about premature sagging, which is a common problem with memory foam mattresses, however less than average with this brand.

Amerisleep is a newer company, so people may have trouble trusting them as they do more well-known companies. However, there is much value potential here if you are willing to give the little guy a shot.

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