2015 Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

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2015 Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews
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If you are looking for information on Tempurpedic mattress reviews, take a few minutes to browse our 2015 report and analysis. You’ve no doubt heard of the nearly ubiquitous mattress company. In this guide, we’ll take a look at their current lines and how the products are faring across several categories.

In 1992 Fagerdala World foams arrived on the scene with the first Tempurpedic mattress, which was the first memory foam mattress available to the public. Separate Fagerdala distributors merged to become Tempurpedic International Inc. Tempupedic bought Sealy in 2012 to become one of, if not the largest bedding company in the world.

Tempurpedic has made a name for itself as a memory foam mattress company partly because they’ve sold millions of mattresses over the years. They’ve also had extensive marketing campaigns since their inception, helping to make Tempurpedic a household name. Despite years of marketing against the mainstream, some of their current lines actually use air and springs in their design as well.

We’ll be taking a look at Tempurpedic’s most popular memory foam lines in great detail here. Independent reviews, customer reviews, specifications, longevity and other aspects will be explored in this review.

Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews by The Best Mattress

This company has always offered mid-luxury to luxury level mattresses, charging 20%-50% more than mattresses from other retailers with similar owner satisfaction and specifications. Memory foam mattresses in general have customer satisfaction rates of 80%, and Tempurpedic is just slightly above that at 81%.

For the most part, Tempurpedic mattresses rate above average in lifespan, owner satisfaction and support. The company’s reputation is good overall. Where people tend to knock Tempurpedic is on price, off-gassing, heat retention and ease of movement on the beds.

They also do not disclose some pretty important specifications on their mattresses such as the composition of the fire barrier and foams. Customers looking to avoid harmful chemicals or who are concerned about quality and value may be disappointed by the lack of detailed product information available.

Positives from Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

Tempurpedic customers are as pleased with their purchases as most memory foam mattress owners. These mattresses rate higher in some categories than others. In this section we’ll highlight the positives of Tempurpedic mattresses.

Tempurpedic has been changing their mattresses a little every year recently, so information on long-term use isn’t widely available for the newest lines. Available information suggests the beds have a lifespan similar to their older models, which is about nine years. The average mattress lasts about 7 years, so there are no significant problems here other than some reports of premature sagging (about 1 in 10 owners).

On average Tempurpedic rates on par with other memory foam mattresses in owner satisfaction with above-average reports of pain reduction and better sleep. If price weren’t in issue for many consumers, satisfaction rates could be higher since price is tied closely to satisfaction.

Availability is no issue with Tempurpedic mattresses as you can find them in their many retail partners or from their website. In the showrooms, you might find a higher pressure sales situation, as the salespeople typically receive commissions for sales, however pricing in standardized so you’ll likely pay the same no matter where you buy.

Negatives from Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

We’ve heard the good things, now let’s take a look at the not-so-good things.

Tempurpedic mattress reviews include the highest rate of price complaints of any other mainstream mattress brand. Having a high price creates big expectations in customers and if they are not met people will feel less satisfied. The high price is also not an automatic guarantee of quality or satisfaction, either.

For example, Tempurpedic beds average between $2500 and $4000 for middle of the line models and get around 80-85% satisfaction. Mattresses with similar specifications and sometimes even better reviews can be found for much less, such as the Amerisleep memory foam mattress line which averages between $1000 and $2000 and has 90-95% satisfaction rates in reviews.

Tempurpedic mattresses have above average rates of difficulty in moving or getting off the bed. Essentially, thick layers of dense, temperature sensitive memory foam can create a stuck sensation in which the memory foam near your body softens, while the surrounding foam stays firmer. People who switch positions frequently are are weaker report the most difficulty moving. Lower density foams or temperature-neutral foams receive fewer complaints here.

Uncomfortable heat retention is reported by 10% to 14% of Tempurpedic owners with the worst being the Contour and Cloud lines. This is the highest of any other mattress, with women reporting the problem about twice as often as men. Tempurpedic has introduced a Breeze line with more breathable covers, but there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference in reviews.

Offgassing is reported by nearly one in five Tempurpedic owners. Some mattresses produce a chemical odor as a result of the manufacturing and packaging processes. These chemicals can be a problem for people with sensitivities. Tempurpedic beds tend to have higher than average complaints here.

Tempurpedic does not disclose important information about the contents of their mattresses. Fire barriers are often made with toxic chemicals to meet industry regulations. Breathing some chemicals found in these barriers can be harmful to your health. With no information on what is in Tempurpedic mattresses, what is used in the foams, or how the fire barrier is made, it may difficult to research one if you are sensitive or worried about exposure.

Tempurpedic’s 2015 Mattresses

This table shows a list of the mattress lines currently offered by Tempurpedic arranged by price in in ascending order. Mattresses are rated based on independent and customer reviews, longevity, durability, value and other factors.

ModelPrice (Queen)Rating (Out of 5)Profile Height / FirmnessComfort Layers / Support Layers
Flex Prima$1,9993.810” / firm.75” 3lb memory foam
1.5” 3-4lb memory foam
7” pocketed coils
Flex Supreme$2,5994.011.5” / med1.75” 3lb memory foam
2” 3-4lb memory foam
7” pocketed coils
Flex Elite$3,1994.312.5” / med-plush2.75” 4lb memory foam
2” 3-4lb memory foam
7” pocketed coils
Contour Supreme$2,1993.211.5” / firm1.2” 5lb memory foam
2.8” 4-5lb memory foam
7” pocketed coils
Contour Elite$2,8993.412.5 / med-firm2’’ 7lb memory foam
3” 4-5lb memory foam
7” foam
Contour Rhapsody Luxe$3,4993.513.5” / med-firm1.2” 7lb memory foam
3.8” 4lb memory foam
8” foam
Contour Rhapsody Breeze$3,8993.512” / med-firm1.2” 7lb memory foam
2.8” 5lb memory foam
8.6” foam
Contour Allura$4,2993.813.5” / med-firm2” 7lb memory foam
2.8” 5lb memory foam
8.6” foam
Grandbed$7,4994.215” / med-plush3.2” 7lb memory foam
4” 5lb memory foam
8” foam
Cloud Prima$1,6993.410” / med-plush1.2” 4-5lb memory foam
1.6” 4-5lb memory foam
7” foam
Cloud Supreme$2,4993.611.5” / med-plush1.2” 4.1lb memory foam
1.6” 5.3lb memory foam
8” foam
Cloud Supreme Breeze$3,1993.711” / med-plush2” 4.1lb memory foam
2” 5.3lb memory foam
7” foam
Cloud Elite$3,0993.612.5” / plush2” 4.1lb memory foam
2” 5.3 llb memory foam
8” foam
Cloud Luxe$3,6993.913.5” / ultra plush2” 4.1lb memory foam
3” 7lb memory foam
8” foam
Cloud Luxe Breeze$4,6994.113” / ultra plush2.75” 4.1lb memory foam
2” 7lb memory foam
8.25” foam

How the Tempurpedic Mattresses Stack Up

While these mattresses all received pretty similar ratings, some do stand out above the rest. Despite a significant departure from Tempurpedic’s core line, the innerspring hybrid Flex Elite is rated the highest and the Flex line had the best ratings as a group.

The Grandbed and the Cloud Luxe Breeze came in second and third, respectively. Many cheaper mattresses from other brands rate as good or better, however. Many beds in the line receive complaints about being too firm, while the higher rated models are tend to be plush or med-plush mattresses, which is something to consider when picking a bed.

The Flex Elite is the cheapest of the top finishers which makes it arguably the best value Tempurpedic has to offer. Among the memory foam beds, the Cloud Supreme or Elite seem to offer the best mix of value and satisfaction.

When buying a mattress, price is important, but it isn’t the everything. Make sure you know your limits, but spend enough to get a lasting product. Tempurpedic has spent many years and a lot of money to be a recognizable name. Advertising costs are passed onto consumers, which is why these mattresses are so expensive.

In the end, the majority of consumers are satisfied in Tempurpedic reviews and the beds have many positive attributes, however there are other comparable mattresses that cost much less out there. Be sure to look beyond the brand name and make sure you are getting a mattress you will be comfortable with (both in terms of sleep and budget).

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